My first foray into building SaaS as a small side business.

Recently I've decided to stop trying to get various little programs and whatnot together during  my free time, and instead I will pick a single one to start with and see it through to completion.  I've decided to start with a small, simple SaaS system (I won't be going into details of what the service is in this article).  The goal is to fill in a gap I've found (because I wanted to use a similar service but couldn't find one that suited my needs).

It is not a new or radical idea.  It has already existed in numerous formats for many years.  If not a single person decides to subscribe to the service.. I'm ok with that too.  Since it's something I want to use for myself anyway :) I have some familiarity with business and the world of pain that can come with it, but I've been a computer guy for most of my career... so I'm sure I'll run into teething pains through the entire journey.

I'll start making a small series to follow as I build this service and once I have it running I can go into more details on what options are available.  Maybe I'll even throw up some kind of bonus discount for readers.

My game plan:

  1. Create a simple document describing the base system and a few advanced features.  This should help me keep focused on what will be needed without worrying about scope creep.
  2. Create my basic system architecture along with a feature list and the order they need to be created.  Basically a simple, ordered todo list.
  3. Start coding until I hit my MVP.
  4. Test it out for my own purposes, revise a little then release it to the public.
  5. If there seems to be a little interest, maybe put a little money into advertising
  6. ???
  7. profit!  (as the meme goes..)

Here's to a successful tiny computer money slush fund generator! ;P