G20 Comes to Osaka

So the G20 summit was held in Japan this year.  I admit, I know little about this summit other than a handful of powerful people will gather together and discuss things that will supposedly benefit all of the people they are supposed to represent.  Living and working in Osaka, a place the summit is supposed to happen -- all I see is a problems caused by the summit with little benefit. 

Osaka isn't a small, unknown city.  So it's not like the summit will put it on any map - tourist, economic or otherwise.  The average person working here will not see an injection of money to boost the local economy.  Those living here will not have the chance to add their voice and be heard.

On the other hand, there is a lot of negatives due to the required increase in security.  Police are being worked overtime, deliveries are being delayed, the few publicly accessible trashcans are being .. sorta locked down, transportation may be delayed, locations may become inaccessible.. all for 'security' reasons.  In other words, damaging the local economy for [cynicism me] the benefit of primarily a few over-privileged individuals. 

The city and prefecture took security measures to an extreme.., sort of.  They requested people who didn't absolutely need to be on the road, to avoid driving.  So many delivery companies shut down for a few days.  Buses and public transportation was subject to delays... even my child's bus to school was cancelled.  I don't live in Osaka city.. we live in the suburbs.  That bus doesn't even go remotely close to the city -- it's parked at the school.  And let's not forget the anti-bomb measures (putting covers over the garbage bins at train stations). 

Then there are the police... they mobilized a large portion of it to act as a weird sort of spaced, human wall along major roads when the dignitaries were going from the meeting to dinner.  Why can't food be delivered to them instead?  Oh right... they're more equal.

Maybe someone can shed some insight on the matter (I'll update it with info if you do!) -- other than the face that cities want the publicity from hosting a summit, wouldn't it be both more beneficial and easier to host a summit in the country side (in Japan's case that includes smaller cities and anywhere that isn't tokyo/osaka/concentrated population of 2+ million in small area)?  

Not only would it prevent stalling a large city economy, it could stimulate a smaller city with the influx of city officials, dignitaries, security, support etc.  It would give those small cities a chance to build a little extra infrastructure needed to host a summit.  Get a little money flowing in that local economy, free PR and possibly get a few young entrepreneurs a chance to kickstart .. a catering business or something.

Well, this post is more of a rant than anything else.  Strictly my opinion on the summit being located in Osaka (or a major city).