Japan completely misses the mark regarding Corona. Thank you Abe!

Japan went from pro-reactive to non-reactive. Quickly shutting down schools to simply saying 'you shouldn't go out this weekend'. ... Read More

Japan shuts down all public schools in response to corona virus.

Japan, often seen as slow to actually do something about a problem, decides to go to the opposite extreme and shut down all schools. ... Read More

G20 Comes to Osaka

The G20's first Japanese hosting. Japan goes overboard with disruptions due to 'security'. ... Read More

I made me a house in Japan (Part 1)

Building a custom house is great. It also takes a lot of time and foresight. ... Read More

My first foray into building SaaS as a small side business.

I'm taking the plunge to build a small service. It may flop, or it might give me a little spending money. ... Read More

Golden Week - 2019

The adventures of 10 days with no work, and keeping two young kids entertained. ... Read More

The dreaded influenza.

A cold sucks. The flu? It sucks even more as I get older. ... Read More

Pine64: My first adventure into crowdfunding as a backer.

My first kickstarter backing, the Pine 64 board. It's like a pi - sorta. ... Read More

iammackinnon.com site reboot!

Real life got in the way, but I rebuilt the backend and ... away she goes. ... Read More