G20 Comes to Osaka

The G20's first Japanese hosting. Japan goes overboard with disruptions due to 'security'. ... Read More

I made me a house in Japan (Part 1)

Building a custom house is great. It also takes a lot of time and foresight. ... Read More

My first foray into building SaaS as a small side business.

I'm taking the plunge to build a small service. It may flop, or it might give me a little spending money. ... Read More

Golden Week - 2019

The adventures of 10 days with no work, and keeping two young kids entertained. ... Read More

The dreaded influenza.

A cold sucks. The flu? It sucks even more as I get older. ... Read More

Pine64: My first adventure into crowdfunding as a backer.

My first kickstarter backing, the Pine 64 board. It's like a pi - sorta. ... Read More

iammackinnon.com site reboot!

Real life got in the way, but I rebuilt the backend and ... away she goes. ... Read More